London Mistress Ebonne

Serve Me. You know you want to.

Your pain is my pleasure

Your privacy and safety are my priority. I will accommodate your needs in a fully equipped dungeon and provide an additional security net to ensure your safety and well-being.

Safe word

Be assured that the use of your safe word will always be respected.

The sky is the limit – Worldwide Service

Usually, I work in London and the surrounding areas. I am happy to discipline you in other parts of the country and am willing to travel abroad. If you prefer, you can fly from anywhere in the world to be dominated by me. I will be happy to discipline you!


This is my ULTIMATE kink/fetish, I absolutely adore having my dirty arsehole worshiped and licked clean! So if your a filthy fucker, come and let me degrade you beyond your wildest dreams!

Slave training

I will change your behaviour in a manner that is pleasing to me. I will train you to follow a set of rules that I provide. My aversion training includes the use of spanking, physical restraints, or clamping to encourage compliance and to give you a specific reason to comply. Intensive slave training can be as little as a few hours, days or as much as a few weeks. Over this period, you will learn to become better at your submissive role and better at pleasing me. During intensive slave training, you may be bound, stripped naked, spanked with a hand or whip, humiliated, punished and learn to accept pain.

Maid Training

During maid training, you will perform the duties typically expected of a domestic maid. The tasks include cleaning, cooking meals, and washing clothes. You will be taught how to behave .i.e. lessons in curtsying, deportment, and how to dress.
I will oversee your duties and administer punishment. Penalties may involve spanking or flogging, humiliation, bondage or confinement.
I will allow you to wear costumes to enhance the role-playing exercise such as a traditional frilly French maid’s outfit or a type of fetish wear, such as a rubber maid’s outfit. Such costumes can also help display your submission to me (your mistress).
When you become a maid, you are “sissified.” You must present yourself as a woman wearing female lingerie and makeup. Hopefully, you will feel vulnerable, thus reinforcing your role in this mutually enjoyable scenario.

Adult Baby

Do you enjoy role-playing as an infant or a baby? Do you enjoy dressing up in a variety of baby clothing and wearing nappies? Do you find comfort and security in role-playing as a baby or a toddler wearing nappies and being cared for by a mother? Let me fulfil your fantasy!